The FAQs

Hello Again,

As promised here are the details as we know them thus far:

As you guys narrow down your trip choices, keep in mind that since we are going to New Orleans we will have a really rich and exciting experience.   We hope to see the French Quarters, Burbon Street, the Upper Ninth Ward, as well as so much more.  We will likely have a decent portion of Tuesday to explore the culture, history, and all the amazingness that is New Orleans.

The French Quarters

Downtown New Orleans

On the way down we hope to stop in a few big cities and eat at some big name chains.  The exact itinerary is not set in stone, but think Chik Filet and Sonic in places like Birmingham, Alabama.  As far as the week we will be down there, ARNO has been extremely helpful and let us know today that they will be able to help us out with lunch.  Potential menu will include Po Boys and Pizza, which is totally awesome! Oh, and on the way back my parents have offered to take us in for brunch on our journey back home.  So get ready to see the wonderful place I live: West Haven, CT.

Shrimp Po Boy

We are still trying to hear back from churches and hostels for places to stay. Don’t worry though, we have discussed a number of options we are just searching for the most affordable one possible. Seriously, no worries we won’t be left on the streets.  But hey good news: even if we were (which we won’t be) the average temperature in March for New Orleans is between 65 and 73°F!!

So I am super excited and I hope you are too! If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email us at


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