Kitties and Puppies!!! Check out our featured Animal of the Week


Hey guys! It’s Ally and Eddy, the best co-cos ever going to NOLA!! We are so pumped to volunteer with you all. We are planning a wicked awesome trip with lots of fun service – who doesn’t love playing with animals?

Have no fear, this week of service entails socializing animals for adoption at the Louisiana SPCA (check out their site! We just emailed our site contact, Dionne. She’s extraordinarily helpful and a sweetheart 🙂

We are starting a tradition today with our first blog post. Each week we will feature an animal available for adoption at the Louisiana SPCA. This week we are pleased to present to you Snowman, half golden retriever, half lab, and 100% adorable! He was taken in on October 22nd of this year and he wants some love. We’ll be sure to give tons of ASB love to the animals we play with during spring break!

Until we come up with an awesome sign-off statement, STAY CLASSY, ASB!!


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