Hey guys,

So we don’t know about all of you, but we definitely cannot wait for this week to be over. There have been lots of final papers, quizzes, and homeworks to turn in, with unnecessary stresses (along with unnecessary trips to cityco for nom-noms).

NEVERTHELESS we are both anxiously awaiting the registration for ASB (heads up its Sunday, January 30th!) Any other information can be found at: We just finished completing the first draft of our trip packet and it’s got us in uber NOLA mode.  If we were going on break now to New Orleans, it would be 50 degree and mostly cloudy, feels like 45, wind gusts from the North at 13mph.  As for tonight it will be clear, the temperatures will drop to 34 degrees with zero chance of precipitation and northeasterly winds of 10mph.

Thankfully, we’re not experiencing New Orleans weather but the great climate of winter in Boston! Hoorah!!  On the bright side, temperatures in the month of March will be reach the mid to lower 7os in NOLA – perfect for playing with animals!! duh!!

With the semester coming to a close and our trip packets submitted, we have resorted in our office hour to the next best thing – drum roll please…….


Tis the season to be rating, so we thought we’d give it an ASB spin with

RateBU – Battle of the Co-Cos

Who’s hotter?

Check out these hot co-cos!!! Aw yah!!!!!

Respond and take the survey on wordpress!








Happy holidays and safe travels. Check back in for more blogging over break!!!




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