ASB- That’s Where You Want to Go!

So Kimberly here, in the dorkiest mood ever and so excited about the fast approaching registration.  I can not wait to find out who selects NEW ORLEANS as their trip!!!  Its going to be Super FUN!!!

Anyways, I’m a pretty big music person and often I find it speaks to me or in this case for me:

so New Orleans, ooo if thats where you want to go…..

We’ll take you there…..

No seriously, we will!!!

All you have to do is register online this Sunday, January 31st at 8am.  For detailed directions on how click here.

So now that I got that excitement out of the way, I have to run.  But check back tommorrow for a detailed update about the New Orleans Trip!!!

Much Love,


P.S. My birthday was this weekend, so as a gift to me I think all of you should consider NEW ORLEANS!!!


Only love.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a national holiday and a special day here at Boston University. One of BU’s most distinguished alumni, Dr. King (STH ’55) had the courage to lift his voice while that of others quivered, lead the way while some retreated, and demand equality while many stood idly by.

It is sometimes hard for us to contextualize Dr. King’s words. What would we, as college students, know about the loss of civil rights, the denial of basic liberties? Despite our tendency to think of ourselves as progressive and modern, the most basic essentials of life are being denied to victims of Haiti’s earthquake. Some might be tempted to think that Haiti’s population is suffering because it is a poor country. What, then, do we have to say about New Orleans?

Hurricane Katrina made landfall in August of 2005. It was the costliest hurricane in United States history, and the deadliest one since 1928. It took at least 1,836 lives and left behind over $100 billion in damages, as well as thousands of displaced persons. Entire families lost their homes, their livelihoods, their possessions. The evacuation, as we all know, was chaotic, filled with looting and violence. The destruction of New Orleans was a mass failure by the government to provide for its citizens.

Our trip to New Orleans focuses on the rescue of animals, but it is a part, albeit small, in the recovery of a vibrant city, still in disrepair. While we encourage you to come to Louisiana with us to help a city, different from our own but equally beautiful, we also support the other 34 trips, each one an answer to Dr. King’s question: what are you doing for others?

Registration begins online at 8 AM on Sunday, January 31. We will be at the info sessions on Tuesday, January 19 and Tuesday, January 26, from 7 to 9 PM, so please come by to ask questions or get more information.

There’s no place like New Orleans for the holidays

More than 100 festivities are planned during the month of December in celebration of Hanukkah and Christmas.    In fact, Christmas New Orleans Style, is the month-long event, is a celebration of uniquely New Orleans holiday activities taking place throughout December.  So while we celebrate for a couple of days at home with friends or family, New Orleans is enjoying 31 days of holiday fun!

One of my personal favorite parts: Miracle on Fulton Street

“Miracle on Fulton Street,”  is a holiday attraction in the heart of downtown New Orleans, that will bring the magic of the season alive for locals and visitors of all ages. This year, “Miracle on Fulton Street” is sure to enchant guests with two winter wonderland tunnels, complete with Santa and his reindeer, a giant gingerbread house, snow, strolling costumed characters, top local performers and holiday-themed dining.

Yup that’s right. SNOW! There are 8 14-foot wrought iron arches holding up a canopy of Christmas lights, from which fake snow falls daily!!!

Even better, while we have Santa, New Orleans has Papa Noel. Now, technically he’s one in the same but this guy is a little rough around the edges and seems much more fun fitting right in with the Style of New Orleans.  Check him out in the video below.

So, New Orleans is so cool during the holidays the Home and Garden Channel named New Orleans one of the Top 10 Christmas Towns. Here is the video clip:

Well, thats all for now.  Enjoy the Holidays!

Hot CoCo

Rooki here again! I thought Kimberly and I should introduce ourselves a bit more, so you can guage our awesomeness appropriately.


I’m Rooki. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I worked my way out the ghetto and to another ghetto–where I currently live, Jamaica, Queens (known for giving the world the talent that is 50 Cent. YOU’RE WELCOME.) Now I run the streets of Boston. I’m just kidding. Sort of. I am doing BUCOP in film in COM and art history in CAS, so I’m going to live in a box when I graduate. That’s cool–I’m totally low maintenance. My favorite color is green, I love sports, and I have a pretty foul mouth so I apologize in advance.


This is Kimberly. Straight out of West Haven, CT (not that exciting or as ghetto as Brooklyn, but an interesting place nonetheless). In fact, last year her hometown was voted “Friendliest City” in Connecticut! I’d say she represents her city well as she is quick to dive head first into a conversation with anyone she meets, so don’t get her started! She is currently (and I say currently because it changes far too often) studying Secondary Math Education and Special Education… but even she does not know what she wants to do yet.  Oh, and she enjoys chocolate milk as a late night snack!

To sum up, we’re awesome. As awesome as a New Orleans native, a young man you might know as LIL WAYNE. Born in the Hollygroove section of New Orleans, Lil Wayne is repping Louisiana and repping hard. I’m sure you all know him from his hits like “Lollipop,” “A Milli,” and “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy,” but here’s a little known treasure called “Tie My Hands,” off Wayne’s third (and in my opinion, his best) album, Tha Carter III. “Tie My Hands” is a response to the government’s mishandling of Hurricane Katrina and the still evident destruction of New Orleans.

Enjoy, and we’ll stay tuned for more information about all things ASB-related,

Dogs and cats,

Kimberly and Rooki

Welcome to the Big Easy!

Welcome! We (Kimberly and myself, Rooki) are the coordinators for the Boston University 2010 Alternative Spring Break trip to New Orleans, Louisiana!

This is us. Aren’t we adorable?

Kimberly and Rooki

Our trip to NOLA is going to be the most epic of them all (don’t listen to the other 31 trips). We’ll be volunteering with Animal Rescue New Orleans. ARNO is a nonprofit grassroots organization that rescues pets abandoned after Hurricane Katrina. They also serve as a shelter and an adoption agency. If you’re an animal lover, there is no contest–you have to come with to ARNO. Come on. Look at this:

Can you say no to this face?

We didn’t think so.

Stay tuned for more news about ARNO, our trip to NOLA, and random information about both of us.

Pups and kits,

Kimberly & Rooki

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